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How to make it right
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Post and request all kinds of visual kei related tutorial

V i s u a l K e i T u t o r i a l

This community allows you to share your visual tutorials about hair, make-up and dress styles and also provides you the opportunity to request for style tutorials you've always been loving but never known how to reproduce this awesome look.
Please be kind and forgive me, because everything here is pink.
I wish you much fun! Enjoy! :D

R u l e s

Because a community can't work without:

◇ Do not post things to this community if it fails the theme (-> tutorials + how-can-I-copy-this requests)!
◇ Use the English Language so that everyone can benefit from your help!
◇ No advertising unless it's related to visual kei style (Gothic Lolita, Ganguro is also okay)!
◇ All tutorials should be accompanied with visual aid (pictures, videos). It would also be very helpful if you put pictures of what you want to reproduce into your request!
◇ Pictures bigger than 250px shall be under a cut. Also put them under a cut if you post more than one picture/video!
◇ Be factual at rating about tutorials! No Bitchiness please!