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How to make it right

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UDDERRrrr [Sep. 14th, 2008 ♔ 06:08 pm]
How to make it right



Heyhey, Pplz!

I have a kinda weird question but I think it only sounz weirdly if you type it DD:

Sooo, me haz teh problem that I think it lookz totally disgusting on me to wear T-shirts since my boobs stand out like urgh. 
Anyone, what r u doing while, dunno, cosplaying to hide them? Like bandages or jogging bra or i heard abut such a special bra for gender bender or shitz like that, more options? LULZ. THANKS.

What'r Double Decker Shoes made of? I heard they're NOT LEATHER MADE, true thingz?


[User Picture]From: loveme_lietome
2008-09-25 09:02 am (UTC)
The absolute best way I know of to minimize your chest is duct tape. This is method used by professional male impersonators and pre-top surgery FTM transexuals. Prolonged used (a few hours everyday, or all day long for several days in a row) can lead to blistering though, so be careful. But this method is awesome. If done correctly you can even wear a completely open shirt with absolutely no signs of cleavage (or the tape)

Sports bras work really well too. Buy one that's a bit small on you and you'll lose about 2 cups. Make sure is not really small on you though, because then you'll get the muffin top effect.

Minimizer vests are another really good idea. You can check them out here ===> http://www.theofficialwebsiteforbras.com/shop/index.php?k=&c=B004

Ace wraps and elastic bandages are a bad idea because they are specifically designed to constrict. Kind of like how a boa constrictor kills it's prey, everytime you breath out it gets tighter and wearing one around your chest will make it very difficult to breath.

Several of my friends use plastic wrap when cosplaying. This can get kind of sweaty, but it's the cheapest most painless route to go. Just wrap it really tight it won't constrict like bandages will. Glad cling wrap works really well, because it sticks together. A nice cotton camisole underneath the plastic should be fairly effective on cutting down on the sweaty-ness as well.
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